Private Practice Fundamentals

Everything You Need to Get Started With New Clients Today! 

I've created your practice's entire intake and documentation process ... with attorney approved consents! ... so that private practice doesn't have to be a long-term dream, but something that you can get started on today!


After completing this affordable, high value 5+ hour training, you'll feel confident to:

✔ Identify your ideal client

✔ Screen referrals

✔ Develop lightning fast rapport 

✔ Gather a ton of info during that first intake session

✔ Review a biopsychosocial history

✔ Complete a Mental Status Exam

✔ Screen for risk of harm

✔ Create a crisis plan


PLUS you'll understand what insurance companies are looking for so you can be confident in creating iron clad treatment plans and session notes, including:

  • An overview of CPT codes commonly used in private practice 
  • Two sample treatment plans and a dozen sample goal
  • A 90-second session note temple

This training includes 5+ hours of video instruction PLUS downloadable, editable versions of everything you need to get a new client up and running in your practice TODAY!

Keep scrolling for a detailed list of everything included in Fundamentals of Private Practice!


What to Expect

Ready to invest in yourself and your new private practice?


Attorney Approved Paperwork

Jill Williams, LCSW

Jill has completed *hundreds* (if not thousands) of client intakes since 2009. She has mastered the art of screening referrals in under 15 minutes, getting a ton of useful information from an intake packet before even meeting her new clients in person, and developing rock solid therapeutic rapport during a first session.

Jill currently has a booming 6-figure private practice full of her ideal clients ... with new referrals streaming in every week!

When not working, you'll find Jill out on the trails in the morning, at the brewery in the afternoon, and in the front row at a concert in the evening. She has an awesome husband, a witty tween daughter that barely wants to hang out with her anymore, and a big ol' dog that only listens when treats are visible.