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Surviving a Subpoena: Therapists in Court

Therapists have a lot of misconceptions and fears surrounding possible court involvement.

What exactly is our role?

What can we say (and not say) on the stand?

What if our client doesn't want us to release their records?

Can we get out of testifying altogether? 

Join me in this 2+ hour training to learn more about why you shouldn't be worried, how to prepare your practice in advance, and find out what exactly to do - step by step! - if you do receive that dreaded subpoena. 

What EXACTLY does this training include?

* 2+ hours of video instruction! 

Ease your anxieties about court because, quite frankly, it's truly not as bad as you might think. This 2+ hour training walks your through all things court related, starting from explaining the difference between a court order and a subpoena, all the way through how to handle testifying on the day of court.

Understand the basics! 

What type of witness are you going to be? How to you establish yourself as an "expert?" Why would you even be subpoenaed in the first place? What can and can't you state opinions or recommendations on?

* Preparing Your Practice!

What do you need in your informed consent surrounding court issues? Should you preemptively create a fee agreement in case court stuff comes up?

Scripting to Talk About Court with Clients! 

You'll learn what "red flags" to look for when screening new referrals, including a list of specific questions to ask potential new clients. You'll also receive the exact wording to explain your scope of practice to existing clients if they ask you to speak on their behalf in court.

Step by Step Instructions to Follow!

Damn, you just got a subpoena. Instead of completely freaking out, just follow my easy to use flowsheet to make sure all your bases are covered. I've even included a list of specific questions to ask the attorney issuing the subpoena!

Sample Letters to the Court!

Not only will you get my standard Treatment Summary template, we'll also go over three sample court letters to give you a feel for the language and wording that judges are looking for.

Preparation for Testifying and “Day of” Checklist! 

There's a lot more to testifying than just showing up wearing your fanciest shirt. Learn more about how to behave in the courtroom, how to address the court, and exactly what you'll want to bring with you on the day of your testimony.

Maintaining Therapeutic Rapport! 

First and foremost, you're a therapist. It's easy to become irritated, bitter, and possibly even traumatized by your court involvement alongside clients. We'll talk about how to address strains on the therapeutic relationship, professional detachment, and how you can support yourself outside of sessions and the courtroom.

Jill Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a booming group private practice in NC. She has worked with children, adults, and families since 2002 in a variety of settings (foster parenting, community mental health, inpatient and intensive outpatient hospital units, and in schools) and has had extensive training and experience with court-related cases. She has been "testimony free" since 2014 and she would love to help you build a court proof practice like hers!